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Over 100 years of Tradition and History

In the midst of the nature park Ötscher-Tormäuer in the 1340 acre forest which belongs to the hotel, 891 m above sea level our hotel is situated in a quiet location with the flair of the turn of the century. The view of the Ötscher is enjoyable almost in the entire resort. We are located in Southwestern Lower Austria, near the border to Styria − 60 km southwest of St. Pölten north and 30 km from Mariazell.

The first part of the building dating from the early 20th century originally provided accommodation for the engineers involved in the construction of the Mariazell Railway. It was however from the start an inn for travellers, too, and there were a few rooms available for overnight lodging. After World War I the inn was extended and renovated and finally re-opened on 5th August 1922 as the new Hotel Gösing.
Yet the history of Gösing stretches much further back. Gösing was first mentioned in documents dating from 1266 as »Goznich«, derived from the Slavic word »koza« (goat). »Ziegenberg« or »Geißberg«, both meaning Goat Mountain, was the name of the settlement where, in the 19th century, an inn provided refreshment for pilgrims on their way to Mariazell.
When Alpenhotel Gösing opened its doors again in 1922, it soon became – together with the famous hotels on the Semmering – a popular health resort for visitors from Vienna and surroundings. As a large estate with vast areas of forest and its own hunting grounds, extensions to Gösing were made constantly. In those days a tennis court and outdoor swimming pool were added to the Alpenhotel.

The hotel is opened (complete with villa, park, swimming pool, sand tennis court, water-lily pond)
A connection is built between the main building and the villa, known today as the »Wandelgang« – During World War II the hotel functioned as a recreation home for the air force.
The hotel and surrounding estate is purchased by the sugar company Ennser ZuckerfabriksAG, meanwhile re-named and currently the Industrie- und ForstverwaltungsAG.
Extensions to the villa, bathrooms are installed throughout; the hotel’s own power plant is built to provide electricity.
A post-office is opened in the hotel (closed in 2000)
A spa department is opened of which Dr. Karl Gartner is Head Spa Physician. Alpenkurhotel Gösing is born.
The hotel becomes an increasingly popular place with visitors from Austria and abroad, so much that on 2nd September work begins on the extension. In a building time of only 10 months a harmonious adjoining annexe was added to the hotel.   The 48 rooms offering accommodation for 84 guests were extended to 75 rooms to accommodate 120 guests, resulting in the present-day size.
The dining-room acquires its present-day appearance and the »Kaiserbar« becomes the »Kaiserstüberl«, an elegant small room that can be partitioned off and is particularly suitable for functions with up to 25 persons. The sauna zone is renovated and a conservatory is added.
The spa department is redesigned to provide a modern, friendly feel-good zone.
Hotel and forestry are separated and the hotel becomes an enterprise in its own right.
On the occasion of Central European Catholic Day in Mariazell, Alpenhotel Gösing has the pleasure of accommodating the EC heads of state.
The latest technology and wide-coverage WLAN is installed for use at seminars.
Alpenhotel Gösing celebrates its 100th anniversary.
The family of KR Anton Feistl acquire the forest land and the hotel. Ever since then, the hotel’s flair has been lovingly maintained and through constant restoration brought up to a sound, modern standard.
Alpenhotel Gösing is awarded the Austrian Eco-label.
The spa area is completely renovated and expanded the range of sauna, steam bath and infrared cabin by a sanarium.
A labyrinth was built in the park area. This so-called Cretan or classical labyrith was created by Anton Hanausek who aligned the place radiesthetically, so that the visitors can find strength and inner peace there by following the path of the labyrinth or stay even nearby.

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